Tootledoo Tuesday--Happy Easter!

Sick babies + no sleep=no Tootledoo Tuesday last week, but I'm back now!  I know everyone one was SO worried!

I love Easter for so many reasons--the time of year, the decorations, the sweet little clothes, and most importantly, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and all that he sacrificed for us!

Here are some of my favorite things and ideas...
I fully intended to make these this year, but it didn't happen--I love wheatgrass!
NEW Smocked Crosses dress Easter sz 3-6m,6-12m,12m,2T
This is the sweetest little dress, I will get it when (if) I have my girl
Easter chick hand-embroidered garland bunting
So cute!
MMMM, Easter favorite of all candy related holidays!  Not sure what's best--Reeses' eggs, Sweet Tart bunnies, Butterfinger eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, I could go on and on.  Sadly, I've passed this on to John Wilson--he stakes out the candy in our house and has figured out he can move his little chair to the stash to reach it--outsmarted again.

I love this--plastic easter eggs painted to look like chocolate--almost looks real!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!  We have a crazy weekend planned, but I will be back with lots of pics!