Dorm Room Discount------>

I know, it's REALLY early for this, but believe it or not, I've already had questions about 2012 dorm rooms!  Due to the fact that I have a baby due in May & we are moving in April (or sooner), I'm going to offer 10% off all dorm room orders placed before May 1!!

Here's how it works.....

Email me (, and we will pick a week in June or July that I will complete your order. You don't have to have anything picked out for sure right now, just an idea of what you want!  This way, I know early on what to expect this summer (since it will be a little chaotic with 3 boys in a new house), and you know exactly when your order will be ready AND you get 10% off!  Great, right?

Click on "dorm rooms" under Labels on the right sidebar, or visit my Facebook page photos to see some of the past two years.  

On another note, I was gonna bring back Tootledoo Tuesdays this week, but just couldn't get my act together...look for it next Tuesday!!

Send me your pics.....

I LOVE getting pics of my pillows & such once they make it to their homes!!  I got this one the other day from and Etsy customer, and I love the way it looks on their bed!

It is this pillow here, and it's one of my favorites...the pillow pictured is in our den.  It's been one of my most popular these days!  I think it's floating around on Pinterest, but I can't seem to find it--it's impossible to find specific things on there!!

If anybody else has pictures they would like to send me, I would love it!!  

I'm wanting to do some new style monogram pillows, so I may do some sample sales of new styles on Facebook soon-be looking out for it.  I'll post a swatch of the fabric, and you can purchase it for 1/2 price (or more) and pick your color & monogram style.  I'll then use pictures of the finished products to sell on Etsy.  Here's a few I picked up today..let me know what you think!
Excuse my pregnant belly at the bottom of the pic..couldn't get it out of the pic-ha!!

Milk & Cookies Party

Well, I'm not a big personal blogger, but Hogan's first birthday had a lot of things I wanted to show y'all--some great Etsy finds, one of my projects, and it was so cute!  
The cake turned out great!  If y'all live around Jonesboro, AR, Jeny's Cakery makes great cakes (that taste good too!)

Smash Cake 
Some of the cookies

Hogan's monthly & cake pics on one of the bulletin boards I recently made--I love the way it turned out!  I am going to be making some to send to Oxford like this, and you can email me to order one as well.

Not exactly sure why this is the best picture I got of the "take home" bags--but the stickers I got here were so cute!

I also love these burlap & chalkboard flags--they are sold separately so you can get as many as you need, and reuse them!  You can see them here.  I'm thinking about stocking these at the booth--what do y'all think?

Sweetest little boy...and closeup of the bulletin board (shows the colors better)

The whole set-up--excuse the wrinkled tablecloth-this was put together super fast!

All the kids 

best we could do..oh well

the aftermath...not sure how he wasn't sick
One of my (many) New Year's Resolutions is to blog more--I have a lot of stuff in the works, and lots of things I haven't even shown you yet!  Stay tuned!