Etsy Shop!

My Etsy shop is finally up and running!  Everybody check it out, let me know what you think, add the link to your favorite websites!  I will be adding new stuff to it all the time, and I have a new addition to it that's not listed here-fabric letters!  I will be adding more in different fabrics, but if there is something you want just email me and I can make whatever you want-I have quite a stockpile of fabric!  Hopefully y'all had a great weekend!

Available Monogram Fonts

These are the available monogramming fonts!


Crib bedding can be so hard to find, so with mine, it was much easier to pick out some cute fabric and make everything!  

This is the dust ruffle, which is done in 4 panels that individually tie onto bottom springs of the bed.  This is a boy's room, so I did it straight with a pleat in the center.  I can also do it ruffled, which is perfect for a little girl!

These are the bumper pads-4 individual pieces, one for each side.  The side pieces have 4 ties and the front and back pieces have 6 ties.  We just have simple ties, but I can do any type you want (big ribbons, etc...).  Each piece is 1" thick foam cut to specific size.  I think this is the perfect size because it is thick enough to be good padding, but no so thick that my crazy child can use them to climb out! We have contrasting fabrics on the main panels and on the piece that goes all the way around the sides.  These also have corduroy piping around the edges.

You can also make the cover removable so they can be easily washed whenever they are destroyed, which is often!

This is an example of the rod pocket curtains, where the top simply slides over the curtain rod.

Here is our diaper stacker, which can old even the biggest box of diapers!  This one just hangs on a hook, but anything can be done at the top, including a hanger, ribbon, etc...

Hope this helps explain all the nursery options, they can get confusing.  Just ask if you don't see what you had in mind!  

Pillows & Curtains

Hello all!  These are some examples of some of the stuff around our house, so excuse the fact that they look like a child has been crawling all over them-ha!

This is an 18" large throw/euro ($25), in this case used more as a throw.  It has a 2" flange around the side, which is an additional $8.  This owl fabric is quite a hit these days, and it looks so cute with everything!

This is the same size as the owl pillow, but without the flange.  This size works well as a throw for a couch, or an oversize throw for a chair, as it is here.

This is also the same size (18"), but with a 5" ruffle (additional $15). With the ruffle, it makes a good size for euro pillow a crib or twin bed-we have used these for both.

These are 24" euros ($35) with a 5" ruffle.  These are shown on a full size bed, and with the ruffle they fill the space perfectly!

These curtains are the standard 84" ($40 per panel), are lined with regular liner (additional $20 per panel), and have grommets at the top (additional $15 per panel).  My little helper in the last picture is not included.

The curtains here are also standard length with a rod pocket closure at the top.  However, we have rings attached to the top to allow them to open and close easier.  The are lined with blackout liner (additional $27 per panel), which, from our experience, really helps little boys sleep longer in the morning :).  

The valence along the top is about 15" long with a pleat in the middle ($45).  These would've been better done in two pieces since the rod has a bracket in the middle, but we just slipped it over and cut a little hole in the back. The valence is lined as well (additional $15)

Notice in the 2nd picture of these curtains, Colonel Reb and a lion are sitting together-we are so ahead of the game if the lion is the new mascot--Have a good day!