Cyber Monday Sale!

Hope everyone had a successful Black Friday!  Just in case you didn't get everything you needed, I'm offering free shipping again for Cyber Monday!  From now until midnight CST Monday November 28, use coupon code CYBERMONDAY at checkout.  I have been getting so many orders for both collegiate & monogrammed pillows for gifts for bosses, teachers, moms (and in-laws), and I've even gotten a custom request for a "house divided" pillow with Alabama & Ole Miss--such a great gift idea!  Happy Shopping!

It's Finally Christmas on Etsy!

I know I was supposed to list all of my Christmas stuff at least a month ago, but at least they're up, right?  I have TONS of new stuff listed!

Also, I'm offering free shipping now through tomorrow night (Friday) at midnight CST.  Hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving!  Im obviously taking advantage of the fact that my kids are occupied to catch up :)

Moving On Up...

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I keep forgetting.  I finally got some more space at Sugar Magnolia!  Finally I can spread everything out & make i pretty. I've also added some new's some pics!

I love this chevron colonel rebel!

new wooden "M" yard stakes, as well as a few football "burlees" left
lots of metal owls & sorority pillows

Bulletin Boards

I'm so proud of my little burlap Christmas tree!  I don't really like the topper, but I forgot one--I plan to take a new one next week

Josh zooming Hogan in front of my shot--they were bored

Love the metal peacock!

notice the deer head pillow with a red jingle bell nose--my favorite!

Ahh, I finally feel like things are organized now!  There is a huge bed sort of in the middle of my space that the owner owns, & if they can find the slats for it I plan on decking it out as well!

Moving on, we just had out pictures made by Jessica Rowell, who one of my friends recommended.  She did such a good job, especially considering we were all getting over the stomach bug and no one was cooperating!  I highly recommend her if you live in the Memphis area!

I mean, that's the sweetest face EVER

this was not our "keeper" shot of all of us, but pretty hilarious

my other sweet little face, he's getting so big!  His blanket (and constant
companion) just HAD to make the pics!

Etsy Front Page!

I know that not many of you are Etsy sellers, but is a BIG deal to get on the front page!  Someone in Etsy-world picks treasuries they think are good enough, and you get front page exposure!  Unfortunately, they don't let you know...wish I could have seen it live.  However, I got on to print some orders off and noticed I had a crazy amount of "hearts" for the chevron letter & shop favorites, so I investigated...front page starting at 11am CST this morning (Sunday)-so exciting!! 

Here's the treasury--

well, just a screen shot from my computer--best I could do (notice on the last tab I had to google how to do a screen shot-ha!)  Here is the link.

I only have a few letters left, so if you want one, snatch it up!  I can always order the letters, but they'll be $25 instead of $15.  


Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

I just recently finished two bedding projects for twin 11 year old girls.  They turned out so cute & fun!

These pictures aren't the best, it was late and I was tired :)  Hopefully I can get some pictures of it all put together soon.

For Miss Emily...
Standard sham, corded with ruffle & monogram

Love this gathered dust ruffle!

2 big Euros to go behind the monogrammed pillow
For Miss Hannah..

Sweet tailored dust ruffle

12"x24" owl pillow with ruffle

2 corded Euros to match the dust ruffle
Thanks Hope for your order!!

Oh, Pinterest...

Pinned Image
I joined the Pinterest world a while back--seemed like such a great way to save pictures you find instead of saving them on your computer (and never seeing them again) or tearing them out of magazines (and leaving them laying around causing your husband to yell at you).  Well, it's turned into quite a deal these days, and though I'm not a manic pinner, I do pin fabrics I like, projects I'm working on, & ideas for my house to build (which is probably 5 years out, but it takes me a while to settle on things-ha!).  I added a "follow me on Pinterest" button on the sidebar--the big red button that doesn't match my blog :(  I'm working on CarolynV to make me a pretty one!

Here are a few of my favorites from the last few weeks...
Pinned Image
Need to use this...
Exactly what I've been trying to draw out for the boys
If my husband saw this, he would laugh-I'm constantly on him to build something
to grow this on our garage

Have a good Monday!  Don't waste too much time on Pinterest :)