New Stuff!

Sorry for the lack of posts again this week--we have had a house full of sicklies!  I have a few new things that I cranked out during all of the sickness..I think they turned out pretty cute!

First, I had a custom pillow request on Etsy to match some bedding--I love it so much I decided to list it in my shop!

 I love doing custom items, they are so much fun!  I always get such good ideas for new stuff!  I have some new letter styles that I will try to post tomorrow that came from custom orders.

I also made a few shams...I have so much fabric I want to use for shams, but I just haven't quite had the time!  Hopefully once things settle down a little next month I can do those.  Here are a couple...

I am going to list these in the Etsy shop in 14" and 18", but if you need another size just let me know.  I think these are so fun!

I have two of these, but I won't be listing them in the shop.  I have them at the booth in Oxford, and I can't find anymore of this fabric--I got it in a remnant stack a few years ago.  If you are interested in it though, let me know and I can go swipe it from there if it's still available!
These are also just at the booth in Oxford...I don't have too much of a demand for sorority stuff on Etsy!  

excuse the blurriness, it was about 1am, and I didn't realize it was blurry until they were already shipped off! 

If you want to order one of these, just email me and I'll set up an invoice for you!  

They are so fun and cute...these are in each sorority's colors, but they can be done to match any decor!  I will also have ruffled ones available soon as well.  Any sorority can be done too, these are just the ones at Ole Miss :)

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Hope everyone had a good weekend and it wasn't too crazy!  We enjoyed great weather, which was perfect for baseball!

Happy Sunday!