Tootledoo Tuesdays--It's Madness!

So, I have been looking long & hard for 2 years now for some big, round, Easter baskets that aren't wicker--looking--I finally found these at Monogram Madness!

They are so cute, I love them!  Just what I was looking for!  They are all hand-painted, and an excellent price--$25!

She also makes these, maybe one day when I have a girl I can get one!

She also monograms just about anything, and as some really cute applique designs

Go check her out, and order your (or your kids) Easter baskets...hurry, she's already out of the rectangle style for the year!  I'll make sure and post John Wilson & Hogan's when I get them!

Happy Tuesday!

Bet you didn't know...

that today is the official (per "Something on a Stick" Day!  I know y'all are excited!  Run out and get yourself something on a stick to celebrate!  Here's a few suggestions...
MMMM, chicken on a stick from Chevron in Oxford--my favorite.  Brings back memories of ol' Bodega & Forresters (anybody else miss those??)
Sonic corn dog--the best for sure

so good...
cake pops--what a wonderful invention

check back a lot this week, good stuff coming!  new items, new April special, & a GREAT Tootledoo Tuesday!

Last Week of Wedding Gift Promo!

Just a reminder, this is the last week for $5 off monogrammed pillows at the Etsy store!  They make unique wedding presents that anyone would love!  They can be done in any color or any font you chose, with a ruffled or corded edge or a fabric back.

Tootledoo Tuesdays...Spring Fever!

This beautiful weather has given all of us here at Casa White spring fever!  I am so glad it is getting warmer, and I am so ready to get out and get some ferns, flowers, and some springy decor--here are some of my favs!

BLOOM Raw Cotton Fabric Banner
This would be so cute on my deck under the flowerpots (that is currently covered up by a large moon may never leave...)


10 Large Yellow and Moss Craspedia Stems - Spring Wool Blossoms eco friendly and ever lasting nature
How fun are these?!
Trying to get the hubby to build me one of these--so far no good.
 I want to plant some more of these, but mine never look this good--any suggestions?

Ribbon Wreath

I LOVE this for my kitchen window!  So springy!

I will need many of these...

Happy Tuesday!!

Sneak Peak...

So, I went to Oxford, MS to make my new booth at Sugar Magnolia "pretty" today, and I think it turned pretty cute...let me know what y'all think!!  

Even better, I've already sold some stuff-YAY!

I've got to add some stuff to it--more shams, sorority pillows, and ready-made dorm stuff, but it's come a long way since last time.  I'm pretty sure I have the smallest booth there (6 ft x 6 ft triangle), but it's perfect for starting out.  If any of y'all are in the Oxford area, stop by and see it-they have so many great booths, and Oxford Kids Company has moved into the upstairs loft!  We are in the back left corner!

Happy Spring!
Happy Spring everybody! Our house is SO thrilled that the trees are starting to bloom and the grass is starting to turn green--we are pretty much outside ALL day long lately!

On a completely other note, my day job is probably one of the most interesting around. I think I deal with the biggest idiots in the world--something about people and their medicine makes them act crazy! This little video is HILARIOUS (although y'all probably won't think so!)--just a glimpse into what we have to deal with on a daily basis! The sad thing is...this video is not exaggerating! Listen closely for the "Escalade" part...I think it's my fav-ha!

All Things Green!

Large Rustic Framed Chalkboard with Hooks - 16in x 22in - YOU CHOOSE COLOR -  Vintage Style

LOVE this, would be so cute in the kitchen


Sweet Pear Zipper Rose Brooch Pin

Perfect for adding a touch of green for St. Patty's!

Poetry in Avocado " green "

Great all-purpose bag--GREAT price!


Ode to Chartreuse... 3 poms

Need these for your St. Patty's party!

I will need this when I get my IPad...

you probably can't see, but his chair is green-ha!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tootledoo Tuesdays--Gabbey Designs


One of my good friends from college has an adorable stationary company--Gabbey Designs!  She does notecards, calling cards, stickers, birth announcements, invitations, melamine plates, and more!

Here are a few things she's done for us...

bag stickers for party favors

birth announcements (kind of a bad pic...sorry!)

diaper bag tag

and stickers for all of our "stuff"!

She also has these adorable new melamine plates!

Her prices are great, and there are so many options to choose from!  Check her out...tell her I sent you!  

On another note...I set up a twitter account-not real sure about it, haven't figured it out yet, but I figure it would be a good way to keep people up to date & to give you a glimpse into our everyday life!  Should be interesting--ha!!

Don't forget to "follow" the blog & "like" our Facebook page (see left sidebar for both)--once we get 100 blog followers we will have a giveaway, and same goes for 200 Facebook fans!  Spread the word to your friends!

New Etsy Store Listings---and Potential Giveaway!

So, I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite things I've made in a while!  I needed something to put on our kitchen table (that we eat 3 meals a day on....with a 2 year old...and pretty soon an infant)--needless to say it needed to be no fuss and easy to clean!

It looks so great on my table, my husband actually likes it, and it's pretty kid-proof!  I have several listings in the Etsy shop for various sizes, and I can do custom sizes.  

I also added a few new letter styles...

green & cream zig zag

owl-hoot hoot!

and orange with white polka dots--for all you UT fans (Texas or Tennessee), or if you just like orange!

I'm also gonna run a little contest (if you can call it that?)--when we get to 100 followers, I'm gonna give away a $50 gift certificate!  So, if you don't follow, do so now (I mean, don't you want to keep up with new stuff?!)!  Share my blog with your friends to get them too...the quicker the better!  I'm running a similar campaign on my Facebook page, so follow that too to get in on that giveaway! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend...ours was full of birthday cake and bouncy things for our sweet little boy! 

A Little Sugar

We have an actual store space!  Friday, we moved into our (tiny) corner at the Sugar Magnolia antique mall in Oxford, MS.  It's VERY sparsely stocked so far, we got a call last week and had to move some stuff in if we wanted it, but hopefully in the next few weeks we can get it pretty well stocked and decorated!  We will have ready made items such as Ole Miss (and other teams), sorority, and home pillows, fabric letters (hopefully greek soon!), mirrors, pillow shams, and dorm room bedding and curtains, as well as information on custom items.  You can even pick up custom orders there instead of paying to ship!   We're excited!  Come visit us soon (but not too soon, wait until it's pretty :) ) If you're in the area and tell you're friends!!  We hope to be stocked by Double Decker!!

Tootledoo Tuesday--Honeybees Please!

So...a little late on Tuesday again...maybe next week I can actually get it up on Tuesday, but it's been a crazy day today, so that's my excuse!

A lot of y'all have probably heard about these since she has such a popular blog, but Honeybee Tees are my ABSOLUTE favorite t-shirts for John Wilson!  I mean, how cute does he look in these...

grasshoppper tee

dump truck tee

happy camper tee

As you can see, we have lots (we also have the float plane tee).  They fit him so well, he's long and lean and it's hard to find cute tees for toddlers that aren't boxy.  They have held up so great, and you can't beat $14!!

We really want this one, but it's always sold out...

Image of Fire Truck Children's Tee
and these daygowns  are adorable
Image of Newborn Daygown/Sleepers

Check her out, you'll love them!

I've added some new letters to the Etsy store, and I'm hoping to get a few more up later this week.  Also, for those of y'all in North Mississippi area (or Ole Miss fans), I have really exciting news...but I'll wait until the end of the week to share!!  Happy Tuesday (or now Wednesday)!