More College Pillows

So, it's almost the end of May, and I'm just now posting these--guess it's good I've been so busy!  I've had so many custom orders, and I'm even looking into wholesale--exciting!  I am also gonna get blog makeover in July--it will be much easier to navigate and get details on ordering.  These standard blogger templates don't make it very easy!

These are a few I've added lately--I also have some new Ole Miss designs that I somehow keep forgetting to take pictures of--they are really cute!

Mississippi State
3 different Tennessee designs

Vanderbilt--I also have a block print one, but it got destroyed by my 2 year old monster...imagine that


Remember, I can do any school--I've even had some high school requests!!

I've also added some fun new letters, but I'll be back later with those!  


A big THANKS to everyone who made a purchase from May 5-May 20 on the Etsy shop to help the Tuscaloosa schools!  We raised $60, and that was just from all other Etsy orders, not Alabama/Auburn stuff--I was excited! I am going to extend the fundraising for the Alabama/Auburn pillows & black houndstooth letters through the end of the month, so help me spread the word to those fans--thanks again!!

Also, keep those in Joplin, MO in your prayers since they were struck so bad by another tornado--the scary part about that one is that they issued the warning from the radar alone-not an actual sighting.  Those of us who live in the South and hear the tornado sirens go off all the time tend to not take those warnings as seriously, or at least our house doesn't.  Hopefully it was a wake-up call to all of us with that bad habit!

New Booth Spot!

Here is a (camera phone) pic of the new spot at Sugar Magnolia in Oxford! Go see it if you're in town! Promise to be back with updates soon, we have been a little crazy!

Tootledoo Tuesdays--Fairs & Floods!

I have several things to tend to today--stay with me even if I ramble!  

First, we had Fair on the Square in Collierville, TN this weekend, and it was so fun (despite the surprise rain shower Saturday morning & blazing temps Sunday)!  I have never been before, but every one said it was down a lot (vendors & customers) compared to past years, which made me feel like we did really good!  Here's a peak at the setup----

those tissue balls looked pretty good here, then they were attacked by wind and rain, then replaced by bunting

See those paintings?  That was my Friday night, last minute "I'm tired of sewing but want to make something else" project.  I thought they turned out cute-and I sold the owl!  Made me feel like a real artist :)

College Pillow & Letters (more on college pillows later this week)



and more pillows!
and Josh's mom singing at the Fair with her church's heard that right...

Yesterday, we decided to venture downtown to see all of the flooding and let John Wilson see the Peabody ducks.  I've never been to this duck march, and I've lived ether in or within 1 hour of Memphis my whole life  Who knew it would be so packed on a random Monday afternoon!  We went to the rooftop to let JW see them up close

and now, lots of pictures of the flood, because it's crazy

from the Peabody rooftop

Rooftop again
Look how high the water is on these trees!
See those railroad tracks--those are usually pretty high off the ground...and grass

Allison & Helene, if you read this-you are the only people I know who venture over the bridge-this is the sign by the weigh station and such-not the water RIGHT by the road
This is the levee in West Memphis--looks like it's about to pop.  Think if it did, it would wash that nasty smell that's always in West Memphis?

 This is on Mud Island--can't see the park AT ALL!

Crazy!  So far, it doesn't seem like the flooding has been as bad as expected--I think the worst may be behind us, but I haven't watched the news today.  Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!

Let's raise some money!

So, I just saw where 3 Tuscaloosa elementary schools were COMPLETELY destroyed in the tornadoes, and I knew that I wanted to do something to help. I just can't imagine John Wilson's school being destroyed like that--he loves going so much, and he has grown and learned more than I ever thought he would over this year. I wanted to do something to help with putting these schools back together for their students, who have been through so much with the storms and need to be able to return to their schools in the fall and be with all of their friends!

I've been making college pillows lately (which I'll post them in a few days), and I thought some Alabama and Auburn ones would be perfect to use as a fundraiser!! I think they turned out so good!!!

I also added a limited time black and white houndstooth fabric covered letter--

All profits from from these Alabama & Auburn items & 30% of ALL profits in the Etsy store will go to "Help Tuscaloosa Schools" for the next 2 weeks (ending May 20), and you can keep up with how much money we've have raised on the sidebar of the blog.  

They are all listed here in the Etsy store.  

Now everybody help spread the word on Facebook & your blogs to we can raise a lot!  Thanks so much!!

May Special!!

I don't know about y'all, but we have 5 graduation presents to buy this year!  That probably doesn't sound like many, but considering I'm pretty sure we have never had to get anybody one the whole 6 years we've been married, it's a lot to us!  You forget about graduations once you don't deal with them anymore :)

To celebrate, the May special is $5 off all college pillows!  I have several listed in the Etsy shop...

They can be done for any school, in any colors and font, corded, fabric for the back, ruffled, whatever! 

I can also do any school, just email me to set up an order.

I will be adding several new ones to the Etsy shop this week, including a few new Ole Miss ones, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Memphis, & Vandy.  I even have a few with "Dixie" lyrics for all you Ole Miss fans...they have been hot sellers at the booth in Oxford!

Happy Monday!