Rush Time!

I know most college's have already done rush this year, but Ole Miss's started today, and that's my main market--you can order them whenever though!

Here is a sampling of sorority pillows--the pictures are kind of bad, hopefully I'll get some new ones up on Facebook in a few days, and I may change the fabrics on a few of them, but you get the general idea.

They can also be ordered to match the girls' rooms, like these...

Any orders placed by Monday October 3rd at noon can be wrapped and delivered to the sorority houses next week for an additional charge of $5--easy! The pillows are $35, and $45 for the ruffled ones.  Custom ones may carry an extra charge depending on size and fabric choice.  Email me to order one!  

Don't forget The Chipper Chickie also has her burlap door hangers-so cute for the dorm or apartments!  These can also be ordered and delivered..

Good Luck with Rush everybody!

I'll leave you with 2 pictures of my sweet little beach bums

Apartment Therapy--Ole Miss

In August, my sister (who's dorm room is here) moved in with some of her sorority sisters into a sad little apartment-I wish I could find the "before" picture they sent me when they got there, but no one can find it.  Trust me, it was pitiful.  

One of her roommates had bought a rug, so using that for the inspiration, we got this...

black throw pillow on couch--it has a ruffle down the middle but it doesn't show up well in the picture

other throw pillow, with black cording 
big DG pillow--i think this was my favorite piece

curtains--I love this design!

picture of the whole couch

She also used her old dorm room stuff on her new full size bed-i think it worked out pretty well!

front 3 pillows from dorm, back to cream pillows stolen from me-ha! 
the bed skirt fit around this side and the foot almost perfectly!  i should have straightened it a little though, I cleaned her room in about 30 seconds

curtains from the dorm closet
There are a few more things we want to do, so hopefully I'll add to it soon!  

Ole Miss rush is this weekend, so order sorority pillow now!  I'll do a post about that tomorrow

Etsy is back!

The Etsy shop is back up and running!  I took a break for the month of September, but it's back with lots of new stuff. Also, the remaining fabric covered letters are now $18--limited letters left so if you want one, snatch it up!

Boo! Halloween stuff is here, & new Sugar Magnolia loot!

Well, I have been a little MIA lately, and I have LOTS of new stuff to show-I haven't even gotten around to showing the final dorm room pics!  Get ready for lots of posts :)

I'll start with Halloween pillows--I have a few other ideas I want to do, but we will see if they happen...

ghost face
back of the ghost face

this is my favorite--I have one on my chair in the den!

Trick or Treat--2 font options--curly
or spooky

3 backing options for Trick or Treat--option 1--stripes

back option 2-pumpkins

back option 3-skeletons

All of these will be in the Etsy shop once I get it up and running again--hopefully tomorrow or Sunday :)

I have some new stuff that will be at Sugar Magnolia in Oxford & Toad Hall in Memphis---metal stuff!  I love it all!!  Here is a sampling of the Fall stuff...

Little pumpkin-top opens up so you can put a candle or one of those LED lights inside..I also have these on a stick but the picture is on my phone

Big ol' pumpkins-top on these opens up too--I got one of these for myself!

Cute scarecrow

Turkeys!  Gobble Gobble
I also have 2 other pumpkins I didn't get a picture of--you can sort of see them in this picture of all the new stuff at the booth!  Hopefully I'll get to expand a little soon, I have so much more to put in there and not enough room

I have lots of new bulletin boards, small and large, with or without fabric on them--they all look so great!  The small ones would be perfect to hold jewelry. You can sort of see them all, I didn't get good pics of them all, but I'm gonna try to next week. I have big ones for Christmas Cards coming soon!

And last but not least, I have the Chipper Chickie's "Burlees"--they have been big sellers!  Hopefully I can get some pumpkins in Oxford next week :)

Have a great weekend!  Lots a good football tomorrow!!