I'm on Flickr now! I will be keeping this updated with pictures, add me as a contact, check back, or however it works to follow someone Flickr (can you tell I'm new to this? Any tips are appreciated :)

Hopefully I'll have a link on here soon to take you directly there...

Dorm Room #2--Alabama Girls

The next dorm room for 2011 is for two cute girls from Memphis going to Alabama--they are staying in Tutweiler (I think...not up on my Bama information!)  I think it's so cute and different--I just love it!  I can't wait to see pictures of it all put together!  I'm pretty sure they are using white quilts on each bed, so you'll have to put it all together in your head since the pics are at my house :)

26" euro with ruffles for each bed

Fabric is Premier Fabrics Tuscany in LSU Purple (they were hesitant to use it--ha!)

Monogrammed throw for Katie
All the pillows for the each bed together--the pillow in the middle is the "Cooled Ikat Pillow" Anthropologie, and there is one for each bed.

One of the dust ruffle panels for the beds--each girl has three panels-one for the foot of the bed and two for the side (the other side will be against the wall)

Another view of the dust ruffle--I just love it!

The velcro that attaches it to the bed seems to always confuse people, so here's a picture.  Just remove the sticky back and attach to the bed frame, and viola!-removable skirt to get to all your junk under the bed!

Curtains--trimmed on the inside of each with the coordinating purple fabric.

Again, these are hanging on my den window, and obviously doesn't fit!  Their window is short, so should look great there!

Thanks so much Katie and Olivia--I hop y'all love it as much as I do!!  I can't wait to see it all put together!!

Letters No More

I'm so sad to say that due to supply issues, I have to discontinue the fabric letters--breaks my heart!!  I do have quite a few letters left (especially W), so let me know if you want one ASAP because once they are gone, that's it!  You can visit my Etsy shop to see what your fabric options are, and to order one.  Make sure to see if the letter you want is still available before ordering! I love them so!

Gus & Lula

Well, I haven't done a good job of keeping up with Tootledoo Tuesdays, so I'm just gonna talk about shops I love as I find them!  Much easier to keep up with at my crazy house...

I'm really not sure how I stumbled on the Gus & Lula blog, but I did in the middle of their adoption.  They adopted the CUTEST little boy and girl from Ethiopia just a few months ago, and I've had so much fun following her blog and watching them grow!  Those 2 seem to be one my kids energy levels, so it makes me feel like it's not just my kids who are a little crazy :)  Britt also posts great design ideas & her DIY projects--I've gotten many ideas from her!
8x10 Good Morning Sunshine Print

I absolutely LOVE her Etsy shop...this one is one of my favorites, as well as this one..
8x10 Doxology print in muted colors

I have a few places in mind for each of them in my house once the remodel kicks into high gear in a few months.
This new one seems to be pretty fitting for our house these days-maybe if I hang it in our house our boys will somehow learn to read it-ha!
8x10 Crying is Stressful, Sleeping is Restful print

Check her shop and blog out--they are wonderful!

On another (not creepy) husband featured here got on to me for calling him creepy--he said I needed to clarify that he was being a good husband!

How Do I Look?

I am SO excited about my new blog design!  It was a much needed makeover, and I couldn't be happier!  If any of you ever need a custom remodel for your blog, you must talk to Carolyn V.--she's the best.  I'll let her explain what she does in her own words...

I work hard to make each blog design fit and accurately represent the blog and blogger.  This is not a "slap on a sweet font in a standard frame'' kind of operation.  With a knack for clean and up-to-date designs, I keep in mind basic design principles to improve the readability and functionality, as well as the aesthetics, of your blog.

I truly enjoy doing this.  What started out as a hobby in my unemployed, German learning, Schnitzel-eating early Austrian days has turned into a small, but sweet little venture

She was so fun to work with, and did exactly what I was wanting--something, clean, simple, easy to navigate, and represented what I do.  Thanks so much Carolyn!!

My other blog design was a stock template from Simply Yours Designs, who I also love, but the standard blogger template just don't make it easy to have a blog that's also a business.  She did make my logo for me, and she designed my Etsy banner & blog button.  If you are looking for a simple blog makeover, she has some great templates!

Happy Tuesday!

Dorm Room #1 for 2011--Ole Miss

Hello all!  I've got quite a few dorm rooms this year, so I'm gonna blog about them as I go instead of one big jumbled post at the end :)

I came in at the end of these girls' room, after they had already found most of their stuff.  They actually got my card at the fabric store because they told them I made bulletin boards, but I ended up making several different things (but no bulletin boards-ha!  they are still trying decide about wall decor!)

WARNING--disregard the creepy man (my husband) holding up the dust ruffle panel--I don't have a bed tall enough to pin them to so that you can see them good!  I'm working on a solution for that for the future...

This is a three girl room in Martin (which I can't imagine--they were 2 girl "luxury suites" when I was there!)  One for each bed--so cute! 

Here is one of the dust ruffle panels (and the creepy man)--each bed has three panels (assuming that the head of the bed and one of the long sides is against the wall)-one panel for the foot, and two panels for the long side--open in middle to access your stuff!  They attach to the bed with industrial strength velcro--pretty sure I would stick to the bed if I attached it to myself!  The skirts really do stay up all year despite opening them a million times a day!  So much easier than an extension rod...

These were a gift for someone--at first I thought they were for the girls and I was worried (never want to tell everyone what you want/think you're gonna get :), but I was reassured they were gifts!  I love the owl fabric on the ruffle--perfect for Chi O! 
This has nothing to do with the dorm room, but they ordered it for a baby shower gift and I thought it was so cute!!  I LOVE the baby blue houndstooth on the back.  The little boy's room is khaki and baby blue, so it should match perfect! (If the Owen's momma is reading this, I'd love to see a pic of it in the room!)

Thanks Gail for the order!  Make sure to send pics of the finished product so everyone can see!!

AT Market

Do y'all read Apartment Therapy?  If not, you should--I look forward to seeing in my inbox everyday!  I think my favorite part is "Maxwell's Daily Finds"--here are a few of my recent favs--
German Beer Garden Tables--
I would LOVE a few of these on our deck--we need new tables so bad!!
Pleated String Lights--
If I win the lottery, I'll splurge on these...
Xspace 26- expandable spinner in solar rose
Samsonite xSpace--
I think my pilot-in-training will need to upgrade to this luggage, but probably not in purple!
18pc Glasslock Food Container--
I really hate plastic containers, so I think I need these.  Plus, they are from Amazon, my favorite place.  That Amazon Prime is a scary thing--they store your credit card and all you have to do is click a few times and it's at your door in 2 days--pretty sure our neighbors think I'm a shopaholic...
Tekla Dish Towels--
I'm on the hunt for really good dish towels--too bad there's not an IKEA nearby

Seasonal Metal Lanterns--
I love these, would look so great on the porch, on our deck, or even inside on the mantel!

Happy Weekend!!