Dorm Room Wrap Up-2011

Well, I'm a little behind on posting the final dorm room pictures from this year.  Things have been a little wild, including finding out we were having baby #3 (!) right in the middle of finishing these up and getting ready for Germantown Festival--needless to say, I took a little time off to get over my tiredness/nauseousness.  Hopefully I'm coming out of it and can get back to normal!!  

This dorm room I don't think I've posted any pictures of yet.  I think it's my favorite, but maybe because they pretty much let me pick out everything and do what I thought--I love doing those!  I think they just found me on the internet, they are from Jacksonville, FL, and are very trusting--they never really saw anything until I showed up with it on move in day!!  These girls are in Crosby at Ole Miss.

I did the skirt, red striped pillow, navy pillow, & monogrammed pillow.  The headboard is from Premier Fabrics in Germantown, TN, and the quilt is from Anthropologie (I don't think the navy is available anymore).

The bulletin board turned out so good, there are some close ups of it below

Since she's using her refrigerator for the side table, they asked for a runner for it to spice it up a little--it turned out so cute!
I love these curtains!

red striped ruffled euro

navy standard sham with ruffles
monogrammed pillow for Lowry

and for her roommate Blair!

Blair also wanted an Ole Miss pillow to match her side

close up of the bulletin board-love!

I think the fabric flowers that match her bedding are my favorite!

Each girl also ordered a fabric covered letter to match their sides of the room
I also did a chair cover for Lowry, but I didn't get up there to take a picture--if you're reading this Lowry, email me a picture so I can post it!!

Thanks Lowry (& Blair)!  I love the way it turned out!

Next up is Anna Claire's room in Martin at Ole Miss
Picture of the bed--I did the dust ruffle, big blue ruffled euro in the back, and the monogrammed pillow in the front

My little helper posing in the pillows :) 
big blue ruffled euro & monogrammed pillows for each girl.  Their flowered shams & duvet colors are from Pottery Barn Teen.  They also had a white matelasse sham & quilt, but I'm not sure where they are from.

They just did solid white curtains since there were so many bright colors in the bedding, but I didn't get a good picture of them up

Thanks Anna Claire & Daffy--it turned out great!

I posted about these girls at University of Alabama a while back, but here are some pictures of the finished product!

Here is a picture of the green skirt I did for some girls at the University of Arkansas
Here are some pics of the girls that are in a corner room in Martin at Ole Miss.  I just did their dust ruffles, Ole Miss Pillows, & bulletin boards.

None of the pics show the skirt really good, but you get the idea!

I can't remember if I had a picture of their bulletin boards on their post, but here they are! The turned out really cute! 

Thanks everybody for the orders this year, I had so much fun!  This baby is due in May (and we could possibly be moving around the same time), so if anyone is interested in dorm orders for 2012, early orders would be appreciated!!  You don't have to have anything finalized, but I will probably only take a limited number of orders, so make sure to get on the calender!!

More Pictures of the "Chipper" Nursery

After I posted the other day, Ashley sent me of a few pictures of the room so everybody could see how cute it is--I just love it!
I did the bedskirt, "Louisa" pillow in the chair, & the bumper ties

The diaper stacker--the bows turned out really cute!
Thanks for the pics Ashley!!

A Chipper Little Nursery!

I was so excited when Ashley called me to do some stuff for a nursery for sweet little Louisa!  I love doing nurseries, so fun!

The green fabric that is mostly used here is "Chipper" from Premier Fabrics--it looked so good with the other things Ashley picked out, I wish I had taken pictures when I went over there--Ashley if you're reading this, send us pictures so we can see how cute the room is!  For now, we'll have to settle for the pictures I set up in Hogan's room-not as cute, but you get the idea!
The whole ensemble--wish I would have moved that fan, I didn't even notice it!

The top of the diaper stacker, but we ended up hanging it a little different because the end of her bed didn't have slats.  We put a baby hanger on the top then tied bows with the ties--I really should go take some more pictures!

Full view of the diaper stacker--I love the ruffles on it!! 
Monogrammed pillow in the "Harrington" font, a new one I've added!

The dust ruffle--this is just one of the side panels.  They tie to the springs up under the mattress so you can adjust it when you move the mattress.

Ashley bought some bumper pads from Babies-R-Us, and we just spruced up the ties-I love this idea!  So much easier and cheaper :)

Big sis Lola needed a pillow to match her room!

I was so excited to get this picture of sweet Louisa last week-the pillow is bigger than her!

Thanks again Ashley for letting me help you out!!!

The Chipper Chickie & New Paintings

I wish I could say I've been super busy and have lots of new stuff, but I have taken a little time off and hopefully I can get back in the swing of things now!! 

My entrepreneur friend, The Chipper Chickie, has got her Etsy shop and Facebook page up and running!  She is giving away a whole year's worth of "burlees" on her Facebook page, so make sure you head over there and enter!

I have been working on some paintings that I'm taking to Sugar Magnolia tomorrow--I just love them!
Mississippi, but I can do whatever state

owls-so cute!

more Mississippi's & a baseball
I hope to add some more soon, but I just haven't had time to get to them!  I have lots of projects in the works, so hopefully I'll have lots of posts coming--I'm so behind!!

Last but not least, here's my sweet smiling little boy--he's growing so fast!