Tootledoo Tuesday--Honeybees Please!

So...a little late on Tuesday again...maybe next week I can actually get it up on Tuesday, but it's been a crazy day today, so that's my excuse!

A lot of y'all have probably heard about these since she has such a popular blog, but Honeybee Tees are my ABSOLUTE favorite t-shirts for John Wilson!  I mean, how cute does he look in these...

grasshoppper tee

dump truck tee

happy camper tee

As you can see, we have lots (we also have the float plane tee).  They fit him so well, he's long and lean and it's hard to find cute tees for toddlers that aren't boxy.  They have held up so great, and you can't beat $14!!

We really want this one, but it's always sold out...

Image of Fire Truck Children's Tee
and these daygowns  are adorable
Image of Newborn Daygown/Sleepers

Check her out, you'll love them!

I've added some new letters to the Etsy store, and I'm hoping to get a few more up later this week.  Also, for those of y'all in North Mississippi area (or Ole Miss fans), I have really exciting news...but I'll wait until the end of the week to share!!  Happy Tuesday (or now Wednesday)!