New Etsy Store Listings---and Potential Giveaway!

So, I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite things I've made in a while!  I needed something to put on our kitchen table (that we eat 3 meals a day on....with a 2 year old...and pretty soon an infant)--needless to say it needed to be no fuss and easy to clean!

It looks so great on my table, my husband actually likes it, and it's pretty kid-proof!  I have several listings in the Etsy shop for various sizes, and I can do custom sizes.  

I also added a few new letter styles...

green & cream zig zag

owl-hoot hoot!

and orange with white polka dots--for all you UT fans (Texas or Tennessee), or if you just like orange!

I'm also gonna run a little contest (if you can call it that?)--when we get to 100 followers, I'm gonna give away a $50 gift certificate!  So, if you don't follow, do so now (I mean, don't you want to keep up with new stuff?!)!  Share my blog with your friends to get them too...the quicker the better!  I'm running a similar campaign on my Facebook page, so follow that too to get in on that giveaway! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend...ours was full of birthday cake and bouncy things for our sweet little boy! 


Jenny said...

WOW! GORGEOUS table runner! Not to mention how you photographed it - just stunning! Now I'm off to check out your Etsy shop! :)