Rush Time!

I know most college's have already done rush this year, but Ole Miss's started today, and that's my main market--you can order them whenever though!

Here is a sampling of sorority pillows--the pictures are kind of bad, hopefully I'll get some new ones up on Facebook in a few days, and I may change the fabrics on a few of them, but you get the general idea.

They can also be ordered to match the girls' rooms, like these...

Any orders placed by Monday October 3rd at noon can be wrapped and delivered to the sorority houses next week for an additional charge of $5--easy! The pillows are $35, and $45 for the ruffled ones.  Custom ones may carry an extra charge depending on size and fabric choice.  Email me to order one!  

Don't forget The Chipper Chickie also has her burlap door hangers-so cute for the dorm or apartments!  These can also be ordered and delivered..

Good Luck with Rush everybody!

I'll leave you with 2 pictures of my sweet little beach bums


Stacey said...

Love all of your pillows (Go Chi O!), and I love those precious beach bums even more!

mary john @ tootledoo designs said...

aren't they sweet?! and so grown up :(

JNoPie said...

MJ--so cute! John Wilson has gotten so big!