Boo! Halloween stuff is here, & new Sugar Magnolia loot!

Well, I have been a little MIA lately, and I have LOTS of new stuff to show-I haven't even gotten around to showing the final dorm room pics!  Get ready for lots of posts :)

I'll start with Halloween pillows--I have a few other ideas I want to do, but we will see if they happen...

ghost face
back of the ghost face

this is my favorite--I have one on my chair in the den!

Trick or Treat--2 font options--curly
or spooky

3 backing options for Trick or Treat--option 1--stripes

back option 2-pumpkins

back option 3-skeletons

All of these will be in the Etsy shop once I get it up and running again--hopefully tomorrow or Sunday :)

I have some new stuff that will be at Sugar Magnolia in Oxford & Toad Hall in Memphis---metal stuff!  I love it all!!  Here is a sampling of the Fall stuff...

Little pumpkin-top opens up so you can put a candle or one of those LED lights inside..I also have these on a stick but the picture is on my phone

Big ol' pumpkins-top on these opens up too--I got one of these for myself!

Cute scarecrow

Turkeys!  Gobble Gobble
I also have 2 other pumpkins I didn't get a picture of--you can sort of see them in this picture of all the new stuff at the booth!  Hopefully I'll get to expand a little soon, I have so much more to put in there and not enough room

I have lots of new bulletin boards, small and large, with or without fabric on them--they all look so great!  The small ones would be perfect to hold jewelry. You can sort of see them all, I didn't get good pics of them all, but I'm gonna try to next week. I have big ones for Christmas Cards coming soon!

And last but not least, I have the Chipper Chickie's "Burlees"--they have been big sellers!  Hopefully I can get some pumpkins in Oxford next week :)

Have a great weekend!  Lots a good football tomorrow!!