Apartment Therapy--Ole Miss

In August, my sister (who's dorm room is here) moved in with some of her sorority sisters into a sad little apartment-I wish I could find the "before" picture they sent me when they got there, but no one can find it.  Trust me, it was pitiful.  

One of her roommates had bought a rug, so using that for the inspiration, we got this...

black throw pillow on couch--it has a ruffle down the middle but it doesn't show up well in the picture

other throw pillow, with black cording 
big DG pillow--i think this was my favorite piece

curtains--I love this design!

picture of the whole couch

She also used her old dorm room stuff on her new full size bed-i think it worked out pretty well!

front 3 pillows from dorm, back to cream pillows stolen from me-ha! 
the bed skirt fit around this side and the foot almost perfectly!  i should have straightened it a little though, I cleaned her room in about 30 seconds

curtains from the dorm closet
There are a few more things we want to do, so hopefully I'll add to it soon!  

Ole Miss rush is this weekend, so order sorority pillow now!  I'll do a post about that tomorrow