Dorm Rooms

My sister Morgan just started her freshman year at Ole Miss, and I got to make her and her roommates' dorm room decor. Dorm rooms are probably one of my favorite things to do, they are so fun!

Her back pillow is a 26" Euro with ruffle ($55), and the front "Hotty Toddy" pillow is a monogrammed 12" x 16" throw. These throws are so great for anything, kids rooms, around the house, and they make great gifts!

The dust ruffle panels are all ruffled (3 panels at $35/panel). They are attached to the bed with industrial strength velcro (works great!) so that they can easily be pulled back to access all of the stuff under the bed. The standard length is 35", which is the highest the bed will go at Ole Miss, but length can be easily adjusted for the height you need.

The closet door panels are 86" long with buttonholes for shower curtain rings ($55 per panel), and hers are lined so that they can be used as regular curtains later. She has 2 panels on her door so that it looks full and are easy to open, but 1 panel would cover the entire opening. Hers are hung on the preinstalled rod, but 11 1/2" can be added to the length to make them reach the top of the door.

Her bulletin board ($150) was made to match the room. The total size is 35" x 47", which is very big and perfect to fill the empty void beside the bed! Her mirror ($60) is a 23" square. Both the mirror and bulletin board can be made in either size, and a middle size mirror will be available soon. All of these are customizable to any decor, and can be painted, stained, or decorated any way you can think of!

Her room definitely turned out so cute, and it feels so homey! Hotty Toddy!


Anonymous said...

which dorm is this?

mary john @ tootledoo designs said...

This room is in Martin at Ole Miss

Anonymous said...

how did you hang the bulletin board? did you use comand stripes or nails?

mary john @ tootledoo designs said...

It is up there with nails, I'm pretty sure