How Do I Look?

I am SO excited about my new blog design!  It was a much needed makeover, and I couldn't be happier!  If any of you ever need a custom remodel for your blog, you must talk to Carolyn V.--she's the best.  I'll let her explain what she does in her own words...

I work hard to make each blog design fit and accurately represent the blog and blogger.  This is not a "slap on a sweet font in a standard frame'' kind of operation.  With a knack for clean and up-to-date designs, I keep in mind basic design principles to improve the readability and functionality, as well as the aesthetics, of your blog.

I truly enjoy doing this.  What started out as a hobby in my unemployed, German learning, Schnitzel-eating early Austrian days has turned into a small, but sweet little venture

She was so fun to work with, and did exactly what I was wanting--something, clean, simple, easy to navigate, and represented what I do.  Thanks so much Carolyn!!

My other blog design was a stock template from Simply Yours Designs, who I also love, but the standard blogger template just don't make it easy to have a blog that's also a business.  She did make my logo for me, and she designed my Etsy banner & blog button.  If you are looking for a simple blog makeover, she has some great templates!

Happy Tuesday!