Gus & Lula

Well, I haven't done a good job of keeping up with Tootledoo Tuesdays, so I'm just gonna talk about shops I love as I find them!  Much easier to keep up with at my crazy house...

I'm really not sure how I stumbled on the Gus & Lula blog, but I did in the middle of their adoption.  They adopted the CUTEST little boy and girl from Ethiopia just a few months ago, and I've had so much fun following her blog and watching them grow!  Those 2 seem to be one my kids energy levels, so it makes me feel like it's not just my kids who are a little crazy :)  Britt also posts great design ideas & her DIY projects--I've gotten many ideas from her!
8x10 Good Morning Sunshine Print

I absolutely LOVE her Etsy shop...this one is one of my favorites, as well as this one..
8x10 Doxology print in muted colors

I have a few places in mind for each of them in my house once the remodel kicks into high gear in a few months.
This new one seems to be pretty fitting for our house these days-maybe if I hang it in our house our boys will somehow learn to read it-ha!
8x10 Crying is Stressful, Sleeping is Restful print

Check her shop and blog out--they are wonderful!

On another (not creepy) husband featured here got on to me for calling him creepy--he said I needed to clarify that he was being a good husband!