Dorm Room #1 for 2011--Ole Miss

Hello all!  I've got quite a few dorm rooms this year, so I'm gonna blog about them as I go instead of one big jumbled post at the end :)

I came in at the end of these girls' room, after they had already found most of their stuff.  They actually got my card at the fabric store because they told them I made bulletin boards, but I ended up making several different things (but no bulletin boards-ha!  they are still trying decide about wall decor!)

WARNING--disregard the creepy man (my husband) holding up the dust ruffle panel--I don't have a bed tall enough to pin them to so that you can see them good!  I'm working on a solution for that for the future...

This is a three girl room in Martin (which I can't imagine--they were 2 girl "luxury suites" when I was there!)  One for each bed--so cute! 

Here is one of the dust ruffle panels (and the creepy man)--each bed has three panels (assuming that the head of the bed and one of the long sides is against the wall)-one panel for the foot, and two panels for the long side--open in middle to access your stuff!  They attach to the bed with industrial strength velcro--pretty sure I would stick to the bed if I attached it to myself!  The skirts really do stay up all year despite opening them a million times a day!  So much easier than an extension rod...

These were a gift for someone--at first I thought they were for the girls and I was worried (never want to tell everyone what you want/think you're gonna get :), but I was reassured they were gifts!  I love the owl fabric on the ruffle--perfect for Chi O! 
This has nothing to do with the dorm room, but they ordered it for a baby shower gift and I thought it was so cute!!  I LOVE the baby blue houndstooth on the back.  The little boy's room is khaki and baby blue, so it should match perfect! (If the Owen's momma is reading this, I'd love to see a pic of it in the room!)

Thanks Gail for the order!  Make sure to send pics of the finished product so everyone can see!!