Dorm Room #2--Alabama Girls

The next dorm room for 2011 is for two cute girls from Memphis going to Alabama--they are staying in Tutweiler (I think...not up on my Bama information!)  I think it's so cute and different--I just love it!  I can't wait to see pictures of it all put together!  I'm pretty sure they are using white quilts on each bed, so you'll have to put it all together in your head since the pics are at my house :)

26" euro with ruffles for each bed

Fabric is Premier Fabrics Tuscany in LSU Purple (they were hesitant to use it--ha!)

Monogrammed throw for Katie
All the pillows for the each bed together--the pillow in the middle is the "Cooled Ikat Pillow" Anthropologie, and there is one for each bed.

One of the dust ruffle panels for the beds--each girl has three panels-one for the foot of the bed and two for the side (the other side will be against the wall)

Another view of the dust ruffle--I just love it!

The velcro that attaches it to the bed seems to always confuse people, so here's a picture.  Just remove the sticky back and attach to the bed frame, and viola!-removable skirt to get to all your junk under the bed!

Curtains--trimmed on the inside of each with the coordinating purple fabric.

Again, these are hanging on my den window, and obviously doesn't fit!  Their window is short, so should look great there!

Thanks so much Katie and Olivia--I hop y'all love it as much as I do!!  I can't wait to see it all put together!!


JNoPie said...

MJ--This is so cute!!! Love it!