Tootledoo Tuesdays--Fairs & Floods!

I have several things to tend to today--stay with me even if I ramble!  

First, we had Fair on the Square in Collierville, TN this weekend, and it was so fun (despite the surprise rain shower Saturday morning & blazing temps Sunday)!  I have never been before, but every one said it was down a lot (vendors & customers) compared to past years, which made me feel like we did really good!  Here's a peak at the setup----

those tissue balls looked pretty good here, then they were attacked by wind and rain, then replaced by bunting

See those paintings?  That was my Friday night, last minute "I'm tired of sewing but want to make something else" project.  I thought they turned out cute-and I sold the owl!  Made me feel like a real artist :)

College Pillow & Letters (more on college pillows later this week)



and more pillows!
and Josh's mom singing at the Fair with her church's heard that right...

Yesterday, we decided to venture downtown to see all of the flooding and let John Wilson see the Peabody ducks.  I've never been to this duck march, and I've lived ether in or within 1 hour of Memphis my whole life  Who knew it would be so packed on a random Monday afternoon!  We went to the rooftop to let JW see them up close

and now, lots of pictures of the flood, because it's crazy

from the Peabody rooftop

Rooftop again
Look how high the water is on these trees!
See those railroad tracks--those are usually pretty high off the ground...and grass

Allison & Helene, if you read this-you are the only people I know who venture over the bridge-this is the sign by the weigh station and such-not the water RIGHT by the road
This is the levee in West Memphis--looks like it's about to pop.  Think if it did, it would wash that nasty smell that's always in West Memphis?

 This is on Mud Island--can't see the park AT ALL!

Crazy!  So far, it doesn't seem like the flooding has been as bad as expected--I think the worst may be behind us, but I haven't watched the news today.  Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!


JNoPie said...

LOVE your cute paintings--especially the owl! :)

Helene Harris said...

Of course I am reading your blog! Thanks for posting the picks of the AR side, Watson and I drove downtown Sunday and I begged him to drive across the river, but he didn't see the point. Glad you had a good show! Wish I could have been there