Let's raise some money!

So, I just saw where 3 Tuscaloosa elementary schools were COMPLETELY destroyed in the tornadoes, and I knew that I wanted to do something to help. I just can't imagine John Wilson's school being destroyed like that--he loves going so much, and he has grown and learned more than I ever thought he would over this year. I wanted to do something to help with putting these schools back together for their students, who have been through so much with the storms and need to be able to return to their schools in the fall and be with all of their friends!

I've been making college pillows lately (which I'll post them in a few days), and I thought some Alabama and Auburn ones would be perfect to use as a fundraiser!! I think they turned out so good!!!

I also added a limited time black and white houndstooth fabric covered letter--

All profits from from these Alabama & Auburn items & 30% of ALL profits in the Etsy store will go to "Help Tuscaloosa Schools" for the next 2 weeks (ending May 20), and you can keep up with how much money we've have raised on the sidebar of the blog.  

They are all listed here in the Etsy store.  

Now everybody help spread the word on Facebook & your blogs to we can raise a lot!  Thanks so much!!