May Special!!

I don't know about y'all, but we have 5 graduation presents to buy this year!  That probably doesn't sound like many, but considering I'm pretty sure we have never had to get anybody one the whole 6 years we've been married, it's a lot to us!  You forget about graduations once you don't deal with them anymore :)

To celebrate, the May special is $5 off all college pillows!  I have several listed in the Etsy shop...

They can be done for any school, in any colors and font, corded, fabric for the back, ruffled, whatever! 

I can also do any school, just email me to set up an order.

I will be adding several new ones to the Etsy shop this week, including a few new Ole Miss ones, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Memphis, & Vandy.  I even have a few with "Dixie" lyrics for all you Ole Miss fans...they have been hot sellers at the booth in Oxford!

Happy Monday!