Oh, Pinterest...

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I joined the Pinterest world a while back--seemed like such a great way to save pictures you find instead of saving them on your computer (and never seeing them again) or tearing them out of magazines (and leaving them laying around causing your husband to yell at you).  Well, it's turned into quite a deal these days, and though I'm not a manic pinner, I do pin fabrics I like, projects I'm working on, & ideas for my house to build (which is probably 5 years out, but it takes me a while to settle on things-ha!).  I added a "follow me on Pinterest" button on the sidebar--the big red button that doesn't match my blog :(  I'm working on CarolynV to make me a pretty one!

Here are a few of my favorites from the last few weeks...
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Need to use this...

Exactly what I've been trying to draw out for the boys
If my husband saw this, he would laugh-I'm constantly on him to build something
to grow this on our garage

Have a good Monday!  Don't waste too much time on Pinterest :)