32 days till Christmas...

Time to start shopping!!  Unfortunately I already have since we have a Christmas baby coming, but it is no fun to start early!  Here are some good ideas for teacher gifts, dirty Santa parties, or just to update your own Christmas decorations!

They can be done LOTS of ways--

  • red, lime green, or christmas green monogram color
  • any monogram font you want--these are in sunny, curly q, and caroline (see monogram fonts post)
  • red with white polka dots cording around edges or backing
  • red and white stripe with lime green polka dots backing
  • lime green and white striped cording around edges or backing
  • red corduroy cording around edges
  • any combination of these above! (corded ones can have cream back or printed back)
Check out the Etsy store to order one or just email me!!  These are all $30. 

If you want cream ruffles around the edges like some in other posts, I can do that too-those are $40.

NOW THROUGH THANKSGIVING DAY--ENTER TOOTLEDOOTHANKS AT CHECKOUT ON ETSY AND GET 10% OFF!!  Perfect if you can't use your discount at the upcoming Christmas shows!

Now, get shopping!