Pillows & Curtains

Hello all!  These are some examples of some of the stuff around our house, so excuse the fact that they look like a child has been crawling all over them-ha!

This is an 18" large throw/euro ($25), in this case used more as a throw.  It has a 2" flange around the side, which is an additional $8.  This owl fabric is quite a hit these days, and it looks so cute with everything!

This is the same size as the owl pillow, but without the flange.  This size works well as a throw for a couch, or an oversize throw for a chair, as it is here.

This is also the same size (18"), but with a 5" ruffle (additional $15). With the ruffle, it makes a good size for euro pillow a crib or twin bed-we have used these for both.

These are 24" euros ($35) with a 5" ruffle.  These are shown on a full size bed, and with the ruffle they fill the space perfectly!

These curtains are the standard 84" ($40 per panel), are lined with regular liner (additional $20 per panel), and have grommets at the top (additional $15 per panel).  My little helper in the last picture is not included.

The curtains here are also standard length with a rod pocket closure at the top.  However, we have rings attached to the top to allow them to open and close easier.  The are lined with blackout liner (additional $27 per panel), which, from our experience, really helps little boys sleep longer in the morning :).  

The valence along the top is about 15" long with a pleat in the middle ($45).  These would've been better done in two pieces since the rod has a bracket in the middle, but we just slipped it over and cut a little hole in the back. The valence is lined as well (additional $15)

Notice in the 2nd picture of these curtains, Colonel Reb and a lion are sitting together-we are so ahead of the game if the lion is the new mascot--Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I love the owl pillow- Meredith is wanting to redo her room soon and really likes owls

Stacey said...

YAY! The site looks great, and your work looks even better! I am so excited for you! I want to borrow that cute little Tootle hiding in your dining room curtains! When can he come play with his cousins?