New Pictures and Products

I recently had some pro pics made of some of my new and most popular items--they turned out SO great! Kendy Schimmel in Jonesboro, AR took them at That French Shoppe (where my new set up is :)

New silhouette pillows! Just email your child's pic to me--so adorable! You can order these here

These can be done on white basketweave, cream basketweave, or a rustic linen (shown are white basketweave and rustic linen).

The silhouette can be done in any of the trim colors I have available--you can see those here (along with all the fonts and thread colors available :)

These are the newly named "medium lumbar" pillows--available in 12"x24" and 16"x20" with a poly insert, and 16"x24" with a poly/feather insert.  These new poly/feather inserts are great because they are just like a regular feather insert but don't flatten so easily :)   Usually every pillow on my couch is flat like pancakes from the kids -ha!!

These are available here

This is one is one of my recent favorites--I love the tan/khaki on white--and I love that style monogram.  It's the "Serif Block".  These aren't listed on Etsy yet but will be soon!  I'll add link to them here when they are, as well as post them on Facebook

These are 16" with full ruffles in the rustic linen.  They have a cream monogram in "Master Circle"--these look amazing on this bed!!  These are also great for a couch or chair as well.  These will be available in 16", 20", and 26", and will also be posted on Etsy soon.

This is the style I have on my bed--I just love the look of it!  They are 14"x36" with 5" side ruffles on each side.  They will also be available on Etsy as soon as I get a chance to list them all!

This one is linen denton with a cream monogram in the master circle font.

This one is the white basketweave with a charcoal gray W in the atilla font--this is one of my most popular fonts!

These are the Jumbo Applique Pillows, now available in navy and charcoal gray...single letter 20" pillows are coming soon. 

Get the navy one here

Get the charcoal gray one here

A big group shot of the chevrons!!  I'm pretty sure I've made at least 400 of these....not joking!  All of these colors are so fun together--I have 5 new chevron colors I'll be posting soon!


Taylor Lovelace said...

Super cute! They look really good....I like the new block monogram pillow too!