BIG Sample Sale!!!!

I've got LOTS of big changes coming up, and I've got a little photo shoot to get ready!  That means I need some samples to y'all need to claim them so I don't have to make a bunch of random monograms-ha! I'm gonna be a little particular about colors since they are for a photo shoot, so I'll give a few options for what I'm looking for.  All prices are (about) 40% off of the current/new pricing--some of which have changed somewhat due to new (better) materials and new sales venues.  

The last day to get orders for the samples in is THIS Saturday, February 9th!

Here are all the new monogram options.  Email me at with what you want and I'll send you an Etsy listing!

Here we go.....

First up, the good ole chevron pillows.  

I need a sample of the hot pink/white and gray/white.  I would love to have a 16x20, 12x24, and 20"--probably 2 gray and 1 pink.  16x20" and 12x24" are $29 (regularly $48, include insert), and the 20" is $27 (regularly $45-no insert, just sham).  Here are two pics just showing the colors (these are 12x16)--both are great color combos!

this one is 20"

Next up, the neutral chevron.  These will be available exclusively online through Holly Mathis Interior's new online shop (opening soon!) and locally in Jonesboro, AR at That French Shoppe.  I just need a 1 16"x20" sample with a cream monogram or initial, just like this one here! $29 (regularly $48, includes insert)

The oh so popular Jumbo Applique Monogram pillow is next.  These have been a HOT seller.  I've upgraded the fabric, and these will be a Holly Mathis exclusive, so the price has gone up a bit on these. The new colors are red (shown here), navy, and dark gray.  I will take 2 samples of each, all on white fabric.  $87 (regularly $145, includes insert)

These are one of my favorites...the 14"x36"---it's what's on our bed!  Perfect size to be the focal point on your bed.  The side ruffles is the most common style is what I'm looking for--they will be available exclusively online at Holly's shop and in Jonesboro at That French Shoppe.  I have 3 different colors to choose from...a heavy weight white basketweave, linen colored "denton", and the rustic linen, which is used on the bottom band of this bedskirt.  These next three pics show the different colors

"rustic linen" on the bottom band
linen "denton"

white basket weave

For these 14"x36", I'll take one "rustic linen" with side ruffles (cream or white monogram), one "linen denton" with side ruffles (cream or white monogram), one white basketweave with ruffles and one white with piping like the one above.  One of the whites with scripty monogram and one with a single initial like the one above.  The rustic linen and denton are $66 ($110 regularly) and the white is $70 ($115 regularly).  Includes insert.

Next is 16", 20", and 26" solids (3 solid options above--white basketweave, linen denton, and rustic linen).  I'd love to have 1-2 of each size.  These can have no border, full ruffles, 1 1/2" flange, or piping.  

These are 26" linen denton with full ruffles--I'd love to have a pair to photograph!!

These are white basketweave 20" with black monograms and piping.  The monogram font isn't listed yet, but I'd love to use the same on the samples.  It's "diamond monogram"

Here's the pricing on these......
16" (includes insert)
denton linen and rustic linen
     no border...$32 (reg $54)
     1 1/2" flange...$36 (reg $60)
     full ruffles...$42 (reg $70)
white basket weave
     no border...$34 (reg $58)
     1 1/2" flange or piping...$39 (reg $65)
20" (does NOT include insert)
denton linen and rustic linen
     no border...$36 (reg $60)
     1 1/2" flange...$40 (reg $68)
     full ruffles...$45 (reg $75)
white basketweave
     no border...$40 (reg $68)
     1 1/2" flange or piping...$45 (reg $75)
26" (does NOT include insert)
denton linen and rustic linen
     no border...$39 (reg $65)
     2" flange...$42 (reg $70)
     full ruffles...$54 (reg $90)
white basketweave
     no border...$42 (reg $70)
     1 1/2" flange or piping...$50 (reg $82)

If you have any questions--please let me know!!  I appreciate all of your support!!!


Carlene said...

Will the bedskirt pictured above be available via Holly Mathis? Love it!!!