New Sugar Magnolia

We recently moved to a new spot at Sugar Magnolia, and I think we finally have it settled, for now :)  
The basket is full of other SEC schools (Auburn, Bama, LSU, etc..).   There are a few sticks remaining, and one bunny left--they are great for Easter!  

Working on more pillows to bring soon hopefully :)  See that couch under there? It's for sale too--great deal!! 
Also restocking Ole Miss pillows soon for graduation and the summer

some bulldogs for the State fans....

I love our lights!

Sorority pillows are well stocked not, have to add to a few more of the top ones.  I got wiped out during initiation!
new addition--some "vintage" sorority and Ole Miss shirts--$5 each. 
more pillows, and a few little house nicknacks

Love these new prints I found on Etsy--I kept on for myself--ha!

these birdhouses are going fast!
 Stop by and check it out if you're in the area!  Also, if you see anything you like let me know and I can try to get it for you!