Letters & Yogurt

Well, I've been a little behind in the blogging department--it's been a busy month I guess, but I'm rebounding!  Tootledoo Tuesdays will be back, and I'll update more than once a week :)

One thing I've been doing a lot of lately is the Set of 3 Fabric Letters--here are a few of them...

Both of these sets are for weddings--such a fun idea!  I think the top set is going to hang on their chairs at the reception--I'm hoping for some pics!

This set is for a little girl's room--love the fabrics together!!

For any of y'all reading who are in Jonesboro, AR (my hometown), I am going to be doing "Art Culture" for a friends new yogurt store, Local Culture

He has a fun week planned, including Art Culture on Tuesday June 7, Youth Culture on Wednesday, Pop Culture on Thursday, and Family Culture on Friday and Saturday--we'll be out front from 1-8pm on Tuesday the 7th--come by and check out all the great vendors and get some yogurt!  I plan on having LOTS while outside in the BLAZING heat we are already having down South!

Have a great weekend!!  Thought I'd add a sweet little face to make your day!