A Sweet Little Nursery & Some Swell Swag

I have a lot lined up today, with some surprises at the end, so keep reading!!

First up we have an adorable little girl's nursery.  It's so fun to do something girly since so far all I deal with are boys at my house!  The fabric her momma picked out is SO cute, it will definitely grow up well with her!

These bumper pads are corded with the pink tulle like the skirt, and they have big pink bows for the ties! SO cute!! 

The skirt is ruffled, and we added tulle underneath it to give it a little extra "pouf".  The skirt can be moved up higher on the crib springs to let the tulle peek out, but it looks so good here pooled on the floor!  I did a velcro attachment on these instead of ties, and I think it works much better!  It will definitely be easier to move the skirt up when the mattress has to be moved down.

Katy asked for a skirt for her changing table to hide all of the mess underneath, and i think this turned out so great!  We did matching bows to attach it to the table, and the front is in 2 pieces so it can be moved or tied back out the they way to easily access everything!

This sweet little monogrammed pillow completes the room!  It looks so good on her rocker!  Thanks  Katy for letting me make little Scarlett's nursery!  I had so much fun, and I can't wait to see her!

On the same subject, a friend of ours so sweetly volunteered to paint a canvas to put above Hogan's bed, even though she is due with her own baby in just about 8 weeks!   It definitely makes his room, I love it so much!  

She has a cute blog of her own (The Chipper Chickie), and I'm sure she would love to paint something for any of you reading!  (You may want to give her a couple of months to have little Maggie and adjust!)   You can contact her through her blog or email me/comment on the blog and I can get you her email address.  

Lastly, Celeste over at Swell Swag is hosting a giveaway for one of my fabric letters!  All you have to do is comment on HER blog about which of my products you like the best to enter!  You can earn additional entries by following her blog and my blog!  Maybe you can pick my latest addition....

And for the surprise....

Starting in March, I am going to have a new special every month!  You can hear about it first on the blog or on my Facebook page, so make sure you are following the blog and are a fan of the Facebook page to find out about them!  To kick things off, I am offering free shipping through the end of February at the Etsy store!  Just enter the coupon code BLOGREADER at checkout to redeem!

I think that finally wraps things up--Happy Presidents Day!!


Allison said...

Love that little girl's bedding. It turned out great!