Dorm Rooms

Pillow Insert Pricing

Poly Inserts                                                       Feather Inserts

12"x16"---$4                                              16"x24"---$18

12"x24"---$6                                              20"---$18

16"x20"---$7                                              26"---$24

14"x36"---$10                                            14"x36"---$35

16"---$5                                                    16"---$12


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Martin Hall at Ole Miss
Union University

removable (with velcro) bedskirt

closet curtain for dorms without closet doors 
Martin Hall-Ole Miss

University of Alabama

bedskirt, 26" ruffled euro, coordinating Chi Omega throw

Pillows, curtains, and bedskirt (not visible in this picture)
Martin Hall-Ole Miss
Crosby Hall--Ole Miss
Custom Bulletin Board to match room
Runner for fridge to use as bedside table

Apartments at Ole Miss

University of Arkansas