About Me

10 Facts… 

  1. I have 3 sweet little boys (all in 3 years-whoa!), which explains why sometimes it takes me a while to respond to emails :)  
  2. I taught myself how to sew using "The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing" by Singer I randomly picked up at Barnes & Noble, using a $100 sewing machine--I think a class would have saved me a LOT of time & frustration-ha!
  3. My day job is a part-time pharmacist, but I would love to make this my only job
  4. My favorite thing to do is dorm rooms-probably because I went to Ole Miss, where your dorm room MUST be decked (wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't!)
  5. I love to help people pick out fabrics and pull it all together--I think it's my outlet because I still don't have my girl.
  6. Monograms make everything better :)
  7. I was raised in Arkansas (and Mississippi), and live in Memphis, TN, which probably explains the love of monograms and mostly SEC pillows.
  8. My 4-year old knows WAY too much about fabric, my husband tells me he will have haunting memories fabric stores & Joann.
  9. I love Etsy--you can get anything from sweet little smocked dresses to a roll of vintage carnival tickets (I didn't make that up, it's really there).  I also get the craziest request from my shop, but it's things I would never think of!
  10. My fav TV show of all time--Friends.  Anybody who knows me know that!  I even got to go see the taping of The One Where Phoebe Got Married…thanks to my Cox friend (Dorsey!).  Best episode…The One Where No One Is Ready.  Close runner up..the Bamboozle episode---they got a little rough in the end and that one was a classic!